Making Spoon and Fork Jewelry – DIY Guide

Making Spoon and Fork Jewelry – DIY Guide


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What I am going to say here is based on two facts:

“Jewelery need not be done with precious metals only”.

“Forks and spoons need not be used as cutlery only”.

When people with artistic skills started working on the above facts, it led to the discovery of the wonder world of Fork Jewelery.

What is fork jewelery?

The simplest answer is ‘jewelery made by reshaping cutlery like fork and spoon’.

How is it possible?

It is very simple. Not only that, anyone can make them at their home. You may be having some special fashions and designs regarding jewelery in your mind. Take them out and apply on the fork jewelery you are going to make at your home. Then it will be a product with originality and will not be an imitation product.

The spoons and forks that you use are made of either steel or silver. You may have to think twice before converting the silver utensils into jewelery. However, steel spoons and steel forks can very well be your basic material for fork jewelery.

But, how will you bend the steel fork or steel spoon? Steel is very hard. So, you have to make it soft. The process is called annealing. You will be softening the steel by heating it for some time.

Now you are ready to make the jewels. The soft steel is ready. So, take your pliers and bend the spoon or fork into the desired shape. The shape must be the shape of the jewel in your mind. In the case of fork, bend the teeth in such a way that they form some impressive designs. You can make bangles, bracelets, necklace and the like. Join the forks by interlocking them and make the bracelet or necklace of the required length.

The jewel should be comfortable to wear. Fix beads at the sharp end of the prongs so that it will not harm the user and also will make it colorful. Decorate the handles of forks with gem stones.

It is unique, appealing and economic but, very easy to make. You can go on improving the style and designs.

Are you waiting for first hand information regarding making of fork jewelery? Go through the DVD of one hour duration and you will be clear with the step by step procedure.

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